mystery car

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two documentaries entitled the world of tomorrow and streamliners, respectively dealing with 1939-1940 new york's "the world of tomorrow" fair and american trains, include a short footage of a streamlined hardtop convertible / according to pbs' staff, the footage was shot in reseda, california on may 11th, 1938 / unfortunately no other information is available yet, which is a shame as the car is truly outstanding : ahead of its time, it combines a ponton body, fully enclosed wheels, hidden headlights, a vertical fin on the trunk with a two-piece, power retractable hardtop that sinks into a compartment behind the cockpit

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identification mystery car
country usa
appearances unknown
body 2-door 3-seat coupé/convertible / power retractable hardtop
designer unknown
engine unknown
transmission unknown
suspension unknown
brakes unknown
steering unknown
wheels unknown
dimensions unknown
performances unknown
production unknown

photos 01-07 & video : the world of tomorrow / lance bird & tom johnson / 1984

last update 02/05/2007